Visual Arts

The visual arts are art forms that focus on the creation of works which are primarily visual in nature, such as painting, photography, printmaking, and filmmaking. Visual art is defined as the arrangement of colors, forms, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium. Some of the major forms of visual arts prevalent in Pakistan are as follows:



The Art of Calligraphy, in particular, Arabic Calligraphy, has gained unprecedented patronage, enormous strength & support over the years at varied levels of society. In Pakistan, like in any other Islamic state, this traditional expression has retained its glory & inspired many a minds.

Landscape Painting


A landscape is a form of painting depicting scenery of land. Landscape is ideally done on the spot giving the artist an opportunity to capture both physical and abstract elements of nature like landforms, flora and fauna, lighting and weather conditions, and human activity or the built environment. Landscape is one of the principal types or genres of art. The impressionist used landscape painting as a vehicle for a revolution in Western Painting. In landscape, lighting conditions are very important as they determine the shades of the land.

Miniature Painting


From Samarkand and Bokhara to the Eastern Shores of Benghal, the exquisite art of miniature painting has left an indelible mark on the aesthetic heritage of the civilizations that have flourished here. To be exact the Mughal era marks the high renaissance of miniature painting. Along with the magnificent monuments built by the Emperors, miniature painting achieved an excellence seldom surpassed since. In recent times however, Abdur Rehman Chughtai , Haji Muhammad Sharif & Sheikh Shujaullah blazed a new trail and a whole school of miniature painter have taken on the challenge of making this art form most contemporary and relevant to their times. Pakistan can easily boast a leadership role in this genre. All one has to do is to look at the popularity and abundance of miniature paintings that are being produced by our masters and students alike.

Modern Art


Modern art is that genre of art, which rejects the past as a model for the art of the present. Hence the term modernist or modern art is used. Modernist proposes new forms of art on the grounds that these are more appropriate to the present time. Modern art is characterized by constant innovations. Modernism is generally associated with ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in progress. Modern art referred to a new approach in the field of arts placing emphasis on representing emotions, themes, and various abstractions. Artists experimented with new ways of seeing, with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art, often moving further toward abstraction.

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